The Buddha Fellowship is a social responsibility initiative by The Buddha Institute.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How many development entrepreneurs does The Buddha Institute support?

    As of 2023, Buddha Institute has inducted 22 fellows. Out of these 3 are women. Our entrepreneurs work in sectors as diverse as farm produce, forest produce, handicrafts, climate mitigation, among others. They hail from 10 states of India and are directly working with the poor in rural or semi-rural locations.

  • 2. What support does The Buddha Institute provide to Fellows?

    We invest time capital in growing and nurturing each one of our Fellows. Each Fellow is assigned an anchor and a dedicated mentor to guide them on business, financial, or social impact. In addition we provide them funding linked with achievement milestones, as well as access to government and private networks. We are committed to support development entrepreneurs till they scale and are successful in meeting both their business as well as social impact.

  • 3. What kind of businesses do the Buddha Fellows have?

    Buddha Fellows work in a range of businesses ranging from farm produce, to handicrafts, climate mitigation, and waste management. The common aspects across all Buddha Fellows’ enterprises are – they are for-profit enterprises, they directly impact the lives of poor, they demonstrate an ability to impact at least 25,000 lives in 5 years, and they track their business as well as social impact.

  • 4. What kind of impact have the Buddha Fellows had on the community so far?

    We track their impact on three parameters – Number of people uplifted, number of jobs created, and average annual increase in income of the poor. Collectively in less than two years, our Buddha Fellows have so far impacted over 125,000 lives, created 130 jobs, and have doubled the average annual income of their beneficiaries to approximately $4000 or $10.9 per day.

  • 5. Where does my money go?

    We invest $30,000 per Buddha Fellow. Out of this USD 15,000 goes directly to the Buddha Fellow on achieving their set milestones. A bulk of the remaining amount (40% or USD 6,000) goes towards the various activities and support we provide to nurture or mentor Buddha Fellows.

  • 6.Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes whether contributing from India or the USA, your contribution will eligible for tax deduction. In the USA, FOBF, Inc is registered as a 501(c)(3) entity under IRS. In India, Education for Employability Foundation (E2F) has tax exemption under 80G and 12 A of Income Tax Act of India.

  • 7. Are there other ways in which I can contribute besides donating money?

    Yes! We invite people to contribute via tan, mann, or dhan towards our vision. You can join us as a mentor or as a friend/supporter. Please write to us on to find more ways of getting involved.

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