The Buddha Fellowship is a social responsibility initiative by The Buddha Institute.


Our Philosophy

India stares at worsening trends of poverty and unemployment.  More than 50% of its 104 million tribal population now lives outside their villages, in other words, have migrated out.

We believe Sarkar and Samaj (government and the civil society) alone cannot solve the rural distress; Bazaar (markets) needs to be operationalized. Entrepreneurial path to inclusive growth must be seriously explored.

The problem we are solving for is an acute lack of compassionate entrepreneurism, lack of mentoring support and absence of eco-system that enables socially conscious entrepreneurs.

The Buddha Institute

Shaping a progressive, inclusive India and the world, through entrepreneurial change-makers is our vision. Building an institution of compassion and enlightenment that attracts the youth who are passionate about bringing about transformative change is our purpose. Our goal is to mentor 1,000 development entrepreneurs who are champions of this change, by 2030. We plan to share our learning with other stakeholders in India and other emerging economies, to drive population level change.

The Buddha Institute is a field building platform bringing together stakeholders to enable the development entrepreneurs serve the marginalized.  It is a dedicated platform of entrepreneurship, mentorship, and support for socio-economic change.